What Are Surges? Why Surge Protection in Round Rock & Austin, TX?

What Are Surges? Why Surge Protection in Round Rock & Austin, TX?

Plan for Your Future Electrical Needs

Electrical surges are voltage spikes that happen in the blink of an eye. Creating heat-damaging heat in circuit breakers, appliances, light fixtures, and air conditioning motors.

These voltages range from 400 volts to 3500 volts, in a normal day. Surges due to lighting strikes, are much higher, 50,000 volts. Residential power systems are rated at 150 volts to ground.

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Why Surge Protection?

Electrical surges typically occur 15 to 40 times daily on average, based on several studies over the years. The electrical surges from 400 to 3500 volts and surges induced by lighting strikes are up to 50,000 volts.

Why Pay Recurring Fees to Utility Companies or Insurance Companies?

If your home is an equipped with a main ground system, which facilitate surge to protector functionality. Instead of paying thousands in recurring fees to insurance companies and utility comes, why not have it done right one time? The cost of quality surge protector can be less than $500 and it will last for decades. Thereby you will be saving money, and not paying for undated appliance insurance fees that does not include protection for your circuit breakers, or electrical services.

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